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"I didn’t believe that this kind of thing would work, I had heard that a lot of the professionals were using coaches like this but thought it was only for the top people who had a lot to loos, I had tried everything and this was a last resort, I thought it was all going to be mumbo-jumbo, but what a surprise, it all made such sense, it felt right. From the moment we shook hands and parted I felt like I could actually start achieving and I did, big time".

- Mike B



“Failure to embrace change and new ideas is taking the long route”

NEIL DREW Unlocking the true talent within

For those whose results don’t match their targets and those that want to stay at the top.

Individual personal development

Each client of Competition Mind is unique. Every client that comes to me has their own individual problem / issues that they face, some come with specific goals or things that they want to achieve, there range is infinite, therefore my role and abilities have to be flexible and vast to meet every single one, a few solutions doesn’t necessarily work across the entire range of problems. This is where my clients benefit from my services. During our initial consultation (which in many cases is all that is required) we will together establish exactly what it is that is preventing you from tapping into your own resources or holding you back, when we have established what the reasons are, the solution is then easy. Using my experience and training in human behaviour, neurological programming and many other very special techniques, including hypnotherapy, I will help you overcome barriers and attain new levels of performance that you previously thought were out of reach and create new opportunities for success.

Below I have listed some of the basic services that tend to cover the majority of my work with my clients; there are too many variants to list.

Pre-season preparation.

This service is used by both existing and new clients. It involves an assessment of where you are now and what you want to achieve in the coming season. Then we look at how you’re thinking and using your skills, we work together to align the mind body connection. Then we set up some goals, and then using some very powerful techniques we set the wheels in motion to help with your success. I find that this works just as well for the top professionals as it does the amateur, all my clients enjoy using this service as it sets them up for the year and gives them total focus, some use this entirely on its own because it works so well.

Competitive breakthrough.

Often I have clients come to me because they know that something isn’t quite right with their performance and they can’t quite work out exactly why or for what reason. They may be completely stagnant and getting the same unhappy results, it might be that they have dropped of their pace or performance and they are unsure of the reason and think that everyone else is getting faster more consistent or more competitive, some have things in their private lives that they know are interfering with their concentration and focus but can’t quite shake it. Sometimes my clients have been totally frustrated at not being able to achieve the results they want.

The quick fix.

I call it the quick fix because that’s just what it is. Sometimes clients come to me with a single simple problem that they want fixed or solved. When they get in touch with me for the first time I will ask some simple questions that will help me understand the exact nature of the problem. Solving the issue with the client can only take a matter of a couple of hours depending upon the nature of that initial problem.

Retained coaching.

Some clients are prepared to do whatever it takes to reach the top, they hire me to be available to them at set points every month for an entire year, this involves taking advantage of every aspect of what I can offer them, for example, prior to the beginning of the season we will do the “pre-season preparation”, then we work on the mind stuff and cover all aspects of maximising and improving psychology and performance, then we meet at set competitions in order for me to observe and help fine tune certain aspects of performance including motivation, desire, concentration, enjoying the day and most importantly of all ensuring that you compete at peak mental performance. We also work on goals and setting and exceeding desired targets.

This is for the individual or team that is really serious about winning and having some major achievements, it involves a high level of commitment from both you and me.

Team coaching

Just because you have a group of people who compete together under the same name doesn’t mean you have a team. It doesn’t matter whether there is just 2 or 30 in a team, the fact is that we are all different, we have different values, beliefs, outlooks, opinions and our own set ways, our own individual ways of communicating etc. having every member of a team being able to communicate, understand and work together in a totally integrated way can sometimes be an impossible job for the team owner / manager. When I get asked to work for a team the first thing that I do is to establish each individuals ways of thinking. With this knowledge I then educate the team as a whole how to communicate effortlessly with each other this brings a new understanding and harmony. This in itself allows the manager / owner and each member of the team to work better with each other which ultimately translates into improved results.

This is then the foundation for the next stages which involves a modelling exercise, we take the best performers and find out what they are doing differently in their minds with some very specialised methods, break it down and then teach the techniques to those who haven’t the same abilities, and this is where the major changes in the team dynamics really start to bear fruit.

The next stage is to teach the team as a whole some powerful techniques to improve their performance. When all of this work is done we work with each member separately and deal with any barriers that they have with their performance.
Then you just sit back and watch the results improve with every performance.

Competition diet

It’s incredible just how many diets and ideas about what you should and shouldn’t eat there are out there. Virtually every single one misses the key to having peak performance in training and in competition, that’s the metabolism. I received education and training in this area because I was surprised at some of the things my clients were saying about how they felt on competition day, some of which after straightening out their thinking and behaviours and attitudes still existed, such as the fatigue, weakness, headaches, diarrhoea etc. so after a process of elimination it came down to diet. Having a personal value of providing the most thorough and specialised service I then gained knowledge and qualification to be able to provide this service so that my clients could have all the answers and tools that they could possibly need.
After offering this service I was quick to discover that even some of the top professional athletes that I worked for didn’t have anywhere near an appropriate diet.

This plan takes into account you as an individual, it isn’t an off the shelf pre-packed plan, it’s primary function is to establish and maintain metabolic function and keep energy levels at a maximum without compromising weight. It is simple to follow and doesn’t use hard to get hold of foods, nor is it expensive. It can also be tailored to boost metabolism for periods of rest to ensure that weight isn’t gained. It takes training and the sport into account and is truly personal to the individual competitor helping you gain the best of every event. Some of my clients come to me for just this service alone, some include it in our work together and others have a system that they find already works for them.


The list ultimately is endless, and so are the individual requirements of every single client.


It’s surprising just how many competitors are out there that could be getting better results and they know they have a problem, but don’t ever do anything about it until it’s become a major problem for them, then in total desperation they either come to me and get it sorted or pack up having wasted all those years and money training and working their lives around their sport.

The way that I view my clients, and work, is that their eventual breakthrough and success is my success. This motivates me to get my clients back to form and beyond in as shorter time as possible, usually with a breakthrough this is done in one visit, my clients all report that they got more out of their work with me than they actually came for.

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