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Products -

Essential products that anhance your performance, as used by many of the worlds finest athletes, and amateurs alike.

All or any products sold by competition mind are done so with complete confidentiality in mind, even Neil won't know who the purchasors are as all products are distibuted via a third party.
Please note that this page is curently being compiled 15-12-2007, any of the products described are available, at present you will have to conatact via email or telephone to order, the site should be ready for direct sales by early January 2008.

Many other ranges are due to be added to this list. Shown below are only the Hypnotherapy range

Hypnotherapy range -

Bringing a powerful session to you, time and time again whenever you want, and you only pay the once!
All of the folowing products are sold recorded on CD, digitally recorded to the expected highest standards, every recording has been used and proven effective by many of my past and existing clients over and over again. If you have any specific requirements other than those shown, then please contact us, we are happy to discuss any tailored recordings for any specific element, and done so with total confidentiality. Every possible explanation on how to use and how they work is recorded onto every disc.
Disc 1
For improving focus and getting easily into the "zone", a best seller and very effective.
Disc 2

Modeling for improvement

This session allows you to easily chose what element of your competition you want to improve on, then gives you the ability at an unconscious level to programme yourself with those new techniques by learning them from someone who you know to be good at them. As with all these recordings thay are very powerful and very effective. This is one of the best sellers.

Disc 3

Sports Confidence

This session helps you to build confidence, so the moment you wake up on the morning of a competition you will automatically be thinking positively and feeling confident, this helps you to relax and concentrate and maximise your performance.

Disc 4


This session is a fabulous way to start a new season, it puts the pst firmly behind you and moves you into the future. It has been worded in such a way that it also helps you in your personal life as well. Again very powerful and very effective.

Disc 5

Self Belief

This session is really self explanatory. Belief in self is one of the fundimentle pre requisites to have when competing, this helps you to achieve it quickly.

Disc 6

Mental Stamina

This session gives you the ability to keep going, it helps with coping with challenges.

Disc 7

Rapid Healing

Hypnotherapy has been used for centuries in medical issues, it is recognised by the General Medical Council as a legitimate suppliment to authodox madical practices. It works on healing from the inide out and helps you to tap into your own powerful inner resources. This recording hes helped many over the years to acheive speedier recoveries from setbacks. If you had any doubt or require any further explanation then please contact us.
Disc 8


This is a must. Every competitor should have one of these, this session really speeds up the process of skill learning, as a side effect it also builds confidence, it makes skills a second nature allowing greater concentration. The importance and benefits of this cannot be over stated, this session on its own is probably one of the best investments you could ever make. when ordering please state your sport as each has its own specific disc. 

Disc 9

Weight Management

This session is curently being reproduced and will be available in the second week of January 2008, the version that it replaces was very effective for those who perhaps enjoy their food a little too much, especially during the rest periods, it has proven effective for many who find it hard to resist that bit extra.

Disc 10

Easy Quit Smoking

This session is being produced due to that fact that it does get asked for from time to time, there are many competitors who do still smoke, especially frokm the motorsports, so we are making this available from January 2008

Disc 11

Pre Competition Sleep

This session is designed to give the competitor the ability to sleep the night before a competition. So many find it difficult to sleep prior to competing and as a consiquence usually wake feeling grumpy and tense. Included within the recorded session are suggestions to increase your self confidence for the following competition.