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" Having Neil’s support this season and knowing that if anything
crops up that I am unsure of how to deal with, has in itself been a confidence booster,
he has steered me right all year. Working with him has certainly been an eye opener
and created opportunities for me that simply didn’t exist before"




“Champions aren’t just born, or freaks of nature, they are only different because they learnt how to be. It can be trained. ”


NEIL DREW About Neil


Unlocking The True Talent Within

Competition coaching for the 21st century


I am qualified to Masters Level in 6 main fields that comprise the path to greater sports and personal achievements, I also have qualifications in a very rare and trade marked diet and nutrition which at the time of writing this page there are only 30 people in the world currently qualified to advise on. In addition I have my own personal experiences and practices of what I teach and coach, I have explored and practised by racing myself to discover how to and how not to use what I teach.

I have and am working with competitors at every level, from Grand Prix riders to clubman and have helped them to successfully attain their goals and dreams, some are still work in progress.

I translate my experience and pass along key insights to my clients. I support every client beyond what they expect; my work is built on respect for others, professional integrity, and confidentiality.


For as far back as I can remember I have been around and involved in racing and competing. One of my earliest memories is watching my father compete at Grass track in a national event in Rochester Kent, I was born 100 yards away from Brands Hatch in West Kingsdown and my spare time at the circuit abusing my free residents pass.

My father competed for England in grass track and speedway where he was very successful. From there he went into road race sidecars where he was British champion; he then progressed to the grand prix in formula 1 road race sidecars and competed all around the world.

My cousin Steve rode for England in speedway, 2 other cousins rode at National level in grass track, another cousin won the British schoolboy championship.

My uncle competed in Trials, my mother competed for England in the Common Wealth games as a gymnast in the 70’s.

I competed in Schoolboy motocross along with 2 of my brothers, later on in my life moved into Enduro where I put what I teach to the test and learned everything that they don’t teach you in the classroom or get from a text book.



These days to be a serious contender it takes more than just fitness and technical skills, most of my life I have been around champions and very successful competitors, I know how they think, what their attitudes are and what their approach is to winning, what it is that they do differently. I have from a very early age been aware of the difference between those that have and those that haven’t and how the ones that have it actually got what it took to succeed. I use this knowledge with my qualifications and training in the science of sports mind coaching, and also use my own personal experiences of competing and testing every aspect of what I teach others to provide an unrivalled winning formula.


I have experienced and witnessed first hand on many occasions the frustration and anguish that competitors go through when they are trying to break through their own barriers, I’ve witnessed people going out at the end of their season and buying the latest equipment, the latest kit and getting more technical training, or even changing teams, only to find that their results stay pretty much the same the following season, the reason why? It’s because they haven’t invested in the most important piece of equipment that they already posses – their minds.


What I bring to my work with every single client is my values and beliefs and a thorough approach to ensure that every client gets the very best that I can offer. I make myself available 7 days a week from 7.30 a.m. through to 10 p.m. I guarantee to return any call as soon as possible and certainly within 24 hours if missed or am unable to answer. I support every client via free telephone access after our work, in fact I actively promote it (subject to certain conditions) so that they can make the best use of everything that they have been taught and so that I can be sure that they get the best from my knowledge and experience. Every client’s goals become my goals; my intention is to never allow any client to reach the point of retirement in their sport saying “what if”.

For me it becomes personal.

Commitment to your success

It is my joy to engage clients in learning skills, rediscovering purpose, and guide them beyond their present constraints. As a mind coach I will challenge your limiting ideas, beliefs, assumptions and interpretations, whilst showing you the way to achieve personal bests, greatness and open the door to unrealised potential.



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