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" I have looked outside myself for reasons and answers to achieving my goals, when actually my issues and reasons were on the inside. None of the physical training and extra technical training advanced me the way that I wanted. Neil understood immediately how to fill in the missing pieces and has empowered me to achieve the success and goals with greater ease and vision. I had never felt this much in control in the 6 years I have been racing. Everything has just slotted into place."

-Paul X. Motocross racer



“The limits of your abilities and achievements are the boundaries placed on them by your mind”

-Neil Drew

Unlocking The True Talent Within

Taking you beyond your boundaries

My approach-

My clients are self motivated, they are all seeking to be the best that they can, they are passionate about their sport and are committed to continued improvement.

I am dedicated to one purpose: helping sports people and teams reach their full potential and succeed by helping them unlock from within, the talents and true abilities that they, as everyone does have, but don’t ever fully discover with conventional training or practices.


My clients typically report consistent results-

When you work with me you can expect to see and feel sustainable and noticeable improvements, regardless of your ability or your intended outcome together we quickly and easily identify all of the areas that can be improved and set to work out a tailored solution and goal. They are able to find the "zone" easily and effortlessly.

They start enjoying competition. All my clients say that they are now in charge of their thoughts and emotions and have a real understanding of how the minds work, they don’t experience the same anxieties that they used to, they are able to enjoy each occasion and in fact now feel excited about the prospect of a competition / race.

All their anger and frustrations go. Some of my clients come to me with issues relating to anger at themselves or others when competing, these as you know are times when you loose focus and interrupt flow and concentration. The root causes of these are easily identified and eliminated, my clients all report a calmness and focus that they hadn’t experienced before and can maintain flow, concentration and time, which equate to results.

Nerves become a thing of the past. By changing the way they view and feel about competing, and the way they move towards their goals, and with the new skills and approaches to competition that I teach, all the nerves change to positive focused and an excited anticipation which equate to them being able perform 100% from the moment that they arrive at the venue through to the time they leave.

All of their previous weaknesses are now their strengths. By identifying the weaknesses we have mostly the causes of failure to achieve, all my clients report that the areas where they used to be weak are now their strengths and that everything has come together, in fact most end up laughing at what they used to do and how they used to behave, with this comes an inner confidence that they hadn’t previously experienced.

My clients gain a real understanding. Some clients turn to me because they knew that they could do better, they’ve tried extra training, improving their fitness, watching others, or sometimes experimenting with different ways of doing things with limited results. When they have worked with me they experience an understanding of how to tap into resources and strengths that they didn’t know they had, I teach them how it is that the worlds best athletes think and what they do differently, then we work together to find each individuals own way of achieving their best. This frees them up to access their true potential and achieve confidence, consistency and be in that place that we call the zone.

They gain consistency. Erratic performances and the roller coaster of emotions are now under control, external influences, venue, other competitors, officials, pressures, anxieties, fears etc. don’t any longer have an impact, this enables them to be in charge of themselves and they all gain added consistency with their performances.

Freedom from the memories and limitations of previous mishaps and injuries. Some clients come to me because they are hampered by the memory of some incident or other, they didn’t admit it to themselves or anyone else until it became obvious that it was holding them back. These are easily dealt with and all my clients say that they were surprised at just how much of a difference dealing with that one thing has made to their whole competition.

They experience a new harmony within themselves, they haven’t any longer the internal conflicts that they used to have, they become totally at one with themselves and their ambitions, they are able to experience great achievements without the need to keep questioning or checking them selves.

What you can expect

Assuming you are of a competitive nature, determined, honest and have a desire to improve, you can expect an increased rate of skill learning, new ways of thinking, new habits, new external behaviour, you will experience new levels of confidence, be more relaxed, focused, deal with set backs easily. You can expect to be motivated and excited about competing, you will begin to focus on what works instead of what doesn’t work. You can expect to gain clarity about how to be in control. You can expect to be surprised at just how easy it is to get different results and enjoy the journey. You can expect to start to think like the true champions and understand how you used to be different to them. You can expect new insights, many of which will pleasantly surprise you. You can expect to see other competitors watching you instead of the other way around. You can expect to get results that really count. You can expect to get much more from our work together than you ever believed possible. And finally and by no means least, you can expect to be unconditionally supported during our work together.


“Working with Neil arms you with all the tools and knowledge you could possibly need, I didn’t know what to expect, but having him work with me was a revelation, If you truly want to grow in your sport he’d be the one to talk to.”

- D. E. Enduro racer.


What Competition Mind stands for-

My Philosophy is that you first of all build an understanding of how your mind works. By understanding how all external behaviour is created from within, and then learning how to control it together with new ways of thinking and behaving and feeling differently, you establish the foundation to build extraordinary achievement within your sport.

You are Unique. My services are unique. When I work with clients they discover ways of tapping into resources and abilities within themselves that they think only the elite have. I make it my personal responsibility to ensure that each client finds in themselves all the amazing abilities that they possess and show them how to use them.

I believe measurable results matter. Before beginning our work together, we will assess exactly where you are now, where you want to be and how you currently think you are going to get there. We will discover all limiting beliefs, behaviours, negative thoughts and so much more. Each client is dealt with as an individual and will have a tailored solution. This is where the results will come from. It isn’t a one fix fits all approach.


Consider a different approach-

There is only one way to build on what you already have. You have probably tried other approaches, with varying results, you may even have tried working on your mental approach with others that offer coaching in the field of sports psychology, but, you won’t have experienced the same level of advancement and understanding that you will get form Competition Mind. Read on below to discover why.

Competition Mind advantage (my uniqueness)

Depth of experience. I come from a family of competitors and have lived all my life around racing and competing. I myself have competed for many years. I have been able to experiment with everything that I teach in this field, every aspect has been tested to find out specifically what works, how and why it works, and have in many cases made adaptations to increase the effectiveness of what I do for my clients, I have created some of my own specific techniques and many new things along the way which have been taught to many of my clients who have all reported fantastic results, these techniques you will only find at Competition Mind.

I have tremendous experience of working with both top flight sports people and amateurs, helping them to find measurable results.
I am highly qualified in this field and have also become qualified in the field of sports diet and nutrition, as a result am able to offer a completely new experience to all my clients. I’ll bring this experience and knowledge to our relationship and make it my personal mission to see you accomplish your goals and objectives.


I work with a limited number of clients at any given time. This means that when you need to reach me, you will. It means that when we are engaged in work together, you have my undivided attention. I make sure that I am available 7 days a week from 7.30 a.m. through to 10 p.m. in the evening for any queries or assistance that you may need in relation to your competition. I promise that if I were unable to take your call for whatever reason I guarantee it will be returned as soon as practical and certainly within 24 hours.
The needs of my clients are paramount. You never get offered a packaged off the shelf solution, whatever your desired outcome, every client has a plan and coaching that is unique to them.


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