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My clients are from a wide variety of sporting backgrounds. They may be professional and competing at world or national level and need to achieve consistency and gain the extra edge to get to the top and stay there, they are also the amateur who wants to move to the next level. Children who are working towards their long term dreams. I also work with teams and organising bodies. These are from such diverse fields of sport as Motor sports, Ball sports, Athletics, Equine, Golf, and other sports such as darts. Whatever your needs I can guarantee that I have ways to rapidly and positively influence you to greater success.

Do you face any of these challenges?

You aren’t enjoying your sport; it’s all become too serious in your pursuit of your goals, you've lost the enjoyment. 

You get frustrated and angry; sometimes when you get a bad result or things don’t go according to plan you beat yourself up which leads to further frustration and affects your future results.

Your nerves hamper your starts; your nerves get you tense and the first part of your competition either hampers the rest of your competition or limits the end result.

You always kick yourself at the end of the race or competition; you know that you could have done better and you know your weaknesses, but you just don’t seem to be able to overcome them.

You know that you could get better results; but for some reason you are unable to find the solution or really identify what you can do to improve.

You lack consistency; each lap or performance is different and you can’t get consistent results.

You have had a mishap or bad injury; and since then your performance hasn’t been the same, your progress seems to have gone backwards or stagnated.

A part of you is holding you back; you know that you could go better, but there is a part of you that prevents you or holds you back from really going for it.

You find it difficult to concentrate; your busy thinking about everyone and or everything else and find it difficult to focus.

You are able to concentrate and focus during practice; but when it comes to the actual competition you're unable to replicate the same feelings and level of focus.

There really are too many to list as every person’s reasons and experiences are unique to them, however I have listed some of the more common ones. You may have your own, and I’ll be surprised if you come up with something that I haven’t already heard or dealt with before.


Client profile

More about the clients who work with me

I don’t just work with anyone,

The clients that come to me want to create results; they are committed to doing what it takes to have an advantage. I have found that my most successful clients have certain characteristics:

Do these success factors shared by Competition Mind sound like yours too?

  • You are committed to solutions and results.
  • You are focused on being the best that you can be for yourself (and or your team).
  • You are honest and have integrity. You do what you say you will do to improve and succeed.
  • You are open to new resources and prepared to communicate in an open, candid manner.
  • You know there is more to yourself and your abilities than you can see or feel. You believe in yourself and are motivated.
  • You have a reasonable level of technical skill / knowledge.
  • You have a reasonable level of fitness for your current level of ability.
  • You understand that the mind is as fundamentally important to competition as your skill, equipment and fitness.

What all of my clients have in common is a desire to be the best that they can be without wasting any more opportunities, they want to realise their own potential and overcome their own limitations without wasting years of practice and training, or just hoping that one day it might just click. 


Take your skill beyond:

             Worrying what competitors you face                Fear and dread of certain conditions

      Hanging on to old patterns that hold you back     Self imposed limits and misconceptions

                 Comparing yourself to others                       Reactivity and resistance to change

            Panicking about the venue or part of it             Thinking it’s the physical aspect only

            The negative emotions and thoughts                   Confusion about how to improve

             Thinking that you will never make it                      Settling for things as they are

Are you ready for a thorough approach that gets results?




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