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“Being born a true champion is a myth, it’s something that’s acquired and can be trained.”


NEIL DREW Case study #1: Motocross

Unlocking The True Talent Within

The client: A rider competing in MX2 and the British Four stroke championship, later he was able to compete in one or two GP's


The issue was: A loss of form at the end of 2006, this was affecting his confidence and a build up of frustration which had come from the loss of form and confidence. I was contacted by one of his main sponsors who was becoming concerned about his riders drop in performance, his sponsor knew that it was simply down to the way that he was thinking and approaching his competition which was leading him down the path of self destruction, his surrounding situation also was making things worse.

I first spoke with this rider a few days prior to the third from last round of the British National Championship at Wakes Colne in 2006, he explained that he had been involved in a few mishaps on the track historically that for some reason or another seemed to be playing on his mind when he was on the start line, obviously effecting his starts, this in turn was having an impact on his overall confidence, all of this was then sending him into the very familiar frustration with himself, this then effected his performance and results, anger was then setting in, together with all kinds of other negative thoughts and miss beliefs about himself, to top it all he was coming under increasing pressure from his team.

The process: We didn't get a lot of time together that first day, so we just got straight on with quickly identifying the issues and gaining a clearer understanding of his situation and issues, we dealt with the anger and the frustration to help him focus, then we used some very special techniques to help him re-ignite his own fantastic abilities. Within just a couple of hours he was getting back to who he used to be, I also helped him to discover and use some unique methods that everyone possesses but aren't always able to access or discover by themselves without being shown. We then spoke on the telephone after each of his next races and learned about what other things he needed in order to build on his past success, in solving these he gained a new way of thinking and believing, other things that he was taught are some material normally only ever used by the F1 boys.

We spoke on the telephone after every race and analysed each performance, we identified the areas that needed work and put them right, and we then discussed and put into action a plan for his next race. All of this phone work is part of the free service that all of my clients benefit from and helps them to integrate all that they learn as quickly as possible.


During the winter he spent 2 days in total with me where he learned about more of the specific ways of thinking, we went into great depth. We set some goals for 2007. Then we did some suggestion Hypnosis. This was supported by several CD's that were put together for his personal use and specific to his own requirements.

We met at his first round of the season in 2007, then twice more during the mid part of the season. He telephoned after each competition where we talked through his performances and worked on any weak points that were becoming evident.

Wayne Smith

The outcome: At the end of the 2007 season this very talented and very committed individual won one of the British National Motocross Championships and has finally got the signing for a team that every competitor in Motocross only ever dreams could happen. Awesome.

I am very privileged to have been asked to work with this talented guy, he is one of the rare few who really invests in every area of themselves, giving himself the best possible opportunity for success. Now that he has learnt the skills of the mind and how to tap into his own inner resources he is beginning to reach his full potential. Like most professionals that were too proud to say that they were interested in the mind "stuff", he was very surprised and amazed at just how powerful and effective my coaching is, also at the vastness of it.




Case Study-

The client: This young gentleman is only 9 years old, and competes in his centre championship.

The issue was: He was competing in a group where some of the other competitors are bigger and older than him, he had difficulty in overtaking them because of his belief that they must be better than him because they had been racing longer than him, they were older and bigger, this had set up some boundaries in him that could have efected the rest of his career.

The process: We started out by simply uncovering exactly what his thoughts were and why he believed what he believed, when we understood fully how his thoughts were being processed it was just a matter of spending time chatting over the telephone after each competition. At the same time we slowly introduced new ways of thinking, new techniques that enabled him to focus on the start line, new ways to maintain his concentration and determination, also ways of riding with his mind and being able to trust in himself. We worked on his goals and the ways that he was going to change in order to achieve them.

The outcome: At the end of the 2007 season he has overcome nearly all of his old beliefs, he starts have improved to the point where he is now in the top 3 or 4 off of the line, on average he is finishing in 4th posistion overall. This young gentlemans parents were absolutely amazing through the entire season, they took the time and made the effort to look at how what they were doing and saying made such a big difference. I am certain that this young man will go onto much bigger and better things.

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