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“It’s all in the mind”


NEIL DREW Case study #2: Speedway

Unlocking The True Talent Within


The client: A top flight Speedway rider competing in the Grand Prix and Elite League with a need for a belief change to enable him to reach his goals before his age meant that he couldn't carry on in the Grand Prix.(or so he thought) 

The issue was: This gentleman had competed for a few years in Grand Prix and hadn't ever really made a mark for himself, he seemed to struggle at GP's

The process: From our initial discussions it seemed clear to me that some of his thinking processes, especially those surrounding what he thought about himself were somewhat limiting. So on that first meeting which lasted around 6 hours I taught him the basics of how ways of thinking, believing and behaving make such a profound difference to our performance. I ran through one of my resource programs which was an educational process with tips and techniques, I taught him how to do the correct sports visualizations, then we worked on his goals for that season. It was then agreed that he would telephone me before as many Grand Prix as possible so that I could determine how he was thinking and feeling and generally asses his frame of mind as best as possible and help where possible, which I hasten to add wasn't required very much at all as his motivation and optimism were very high indeed. This was backed up by emails and other CD's produced specifically for him during the coarse of the year to maintain his level of thought and motivation.

                                                                   Speedway start

The outcome: His belief about his abilities and status had changed virtually over night, he began to be far more consistent in getting through to the finals. As for his team performance in the Elite League, well they were somewhat of a lesson in mastery for everyone else to study, he was truly magnificent, the same held true for his performances in the Polish Speedway and the Swedish Speedway leagues where he also competed.


General clients: Over the last 3 years I have worked with several clients in speedway from all different levels, between them they have on average raised their own personal scoring averages to around 2 points on their seasons results, between them they have been finalists, championship winners including 7 Grand Prix wins and many hundreds of individual heat wins throughout Europe.  

Due to the fact that speedway is one of those sports where everybody seems to know everybody else I have to be particularly careful to protect the identities of my clients.








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