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“Achieving success is easy, knowing where to look for it was the hard part”

NEIL DREW Case study #3: Racing Single Seater Cars 

Unlocking The True Talent Within



The client: This gentleman is in his late 30's, he had started his career in Go Karts in his late childhood, he was employed by one of the main teams in his particular sport and had never won a major competition during the span of his career.

The issues were: He contacted me with an issue about certain aspects of his actual skills when racing, such as having an intimate feel for his brakes, certain bends also caused him a slight issue as he found that he couldn't commit to them as well as he could others. He also had an issue with the amount of time that he spent out of the car between practice, qualifying and the set up times while they were away for the race weekend, whilst waiting around he found his thoughts becoming quite negative. (a common problem with most competitors in virtually every sport).

The process: We met at my consulting room and spent the day together, some 8 hours, which he said only seemed like 2. In this time together we gained a real understanding of the reasons for him having this issue arise in the first place, with having a greater understanding we were able to then do some intervention work which removed nearly all of the background issues. He also learnt some of the basics of the psychology of competition which would help him enormously. We agreed that he would then report back after his first race and we would discuss how that went and from that we would know exactly what to do next. Things went well, so we kept the phone work to a minimum and just learnt what we could to understand what else me be required.

Half way through the season we got together for a further 6 hours and covered in great depth the psychology required for him to improve even further, this was supported by some Hypnotherapy suggestion work, and then followed up by the post race phone calls.

The outcome: After the entire series of races spanning Europe he was never outside of the top 5 and has now been crowned as European Champion, his first major title ever. I am expecting greater things of this chap in 2008, he has a natural ability which is just getting better and better.


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