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“Technical and physical proficiency is one thing, but coaches, teachers and athletes ignore the basics at their peril ”


NEIL DREW Case study #4: Enduro

Unlocking The True Talent Within



The client: An amateur Enduro racer competing in U.K. Centre Championships.

The issues were: Results were always in the bottom of his group, he knew that it could take him years to reach the top of his class which is always the largest class in the competition, usually ranging from 50 to 70 competitors. He needed to progress and had only been competing for one year and had decided that he was going to give himself the best possible opportunity to get the best from every single competition. 

The process:  We started prior to the start of a new season, we started out by looking and comparing the ways that he used his mind and compared this to the way that he could be using it. In being able to clearly see where his strengths were and his weaknesses, we set about changing his approach to a lot of his thinking.


This was monitored and slight adaptations were made during the course of the season to get the best ways of thinking that suited him personally. D. EastallWe analysed each race to identify any other areas that may have needed change and dealt with each area as and when it was required. During the season we identified a couple of areas that needed a "quick fix," he visited my consulting room a couple of times during the year so as to intervene with the two negative attitudes that had been uncovered, each time taking approximately one and a half hours.

The outcome: He competed in his first event the weekend after our initial consultation which was a championship round, he finished a fantastic 23rd. His results continued to improve with every race, in his final race of the Championship he finished in 6th.







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