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“Preparation isn’t just training the body or preparing the machinery, how much time did you spend including your mind?”



NEIL DREWUnlocking The True Talent Within 

Case study #5: Various studies of some other clients- Marathon, Quad, Show Jumping,

Marathon Runner-

The client: This client is a 43 year old female marathon runner who competes all around the world.

The issues were: despite having a training regime that would put most younger athletes to shame, this lady couldn’t break her personal bests, she was in 10th place overall in her running club and was 25th overall including the men, she suffered with mid race anxiety and fatigue together with the limiting belief that her age had an impact on her results, however she felt fitter than she had ever done before, she was beginning to question whether she should even be running internationally anymore and whether or not she should just be doing the U.K. competitions.

The process: Hers was a simple case to solve, firstly it was a case of identifying the triggers for the negative thoughts and emotions and alter them, then we installed some counter triggers that would have the opposite effect to motivate and bolster the amazing strengths that she possesses within.

After we had done that I taught her some very special visualisation techniques that increased her focus and concentration, then we worked on anxieties, again using some really powerful techniques we eliminated the causes of these and taught her some very clever and simple ways of gaining successful completion at every event.

We also spent a few hours working on her diet, the reason being that after asking her a few simple questions we identified some areas where what she was taking in was also effecting her stamina.

The outcome: Her finishing times started to be reduced immediately, she reported back that every race goes by so quickly now, she was far less tired on completion than she ever used to be, the mid race barrier had disappeared altogether, her overall pace had increased, her recovery times had also been dramatically reduced.

The ambition that she had held for years of becoming top lady was also realised within 4 months and currently she is in 6th place overall in her club.
Whilst Marie accepts that she will is unlikely to make the Olympics, she will at least now be able to enjoy each and every race with confidence and pride.


Quad Racer-

The client: A young man in his first season competing in two National Quad racing Championships.

The issues were: He was inconsistent with his starts, he knew that he could achieve better results but didn't know how, he didn't quit believe in himself and put the faster chaps on a pedestal, he also had a few difficulties with concentration during qualifying. Competition anxiety was also an issue during

The process: This chaps issues were sorted out in one 8 hour session, all that was required was education, educating him in how to turn his negative thinking around to a more positive thinking pattern that would in turn change everything about his competition, this was backed up by post race phone calls to monitor, advice and adjust. Visualisation techniques were taught and some goals set.

The outcome: After our initial work together this young man was able to be calm and focussed during any event, his concentration had improved, his qualifying nerves had disappeared, his starts became more consistent moving from his usual back row qualification to the front of the two rows. Although our work isn't complete he has made some major improvements. (Posted on site 2007)

Up date March 2008: this young gentleman qualified for the British championship with ease and rode so well that when he received his trophy at the end of the meeting he was the only one to receive rapturous applause and cheering for what was an amazing performance, including coming from dead last through to 4th place in his last race because another rider had hooked his wheel over this competitors rear axle.


Show Jumping-

The client: A young lady competing in centre show jumping competitions.

The issues were: High anxiety and nerves which she felt as soon as she sat on her horse, these were being picked up by her horse and was resulting in very few clear rounds due to the partnership being unsettled.

The process: This was a case of a quick fix, by using a simple intervention she was able to completely change her emotions to those of feeling confident and believing in her ability, in all our work lasted 3 hours and was supported in addition with a Hypnotherapy CD to boost her confidence and concentration.

The outcome: She now competes with the desired attitude, instead of achieving the odd clear round she now has the odd faults, in just three months they have moved to grade B and looking ahead to affiliation.


The client: An amateur who wanted to improve his game because all those in his company had a better handicap than him.

The issues were: Easily distracted, focused on failure and expected to have a poor round every time

The process: We had a single 7 hour session where he learned the special skills required for golfers, we worked on his beliefs about self and then rounded the time off with some Hypnotherapy visualization.

The outcome: He took some further technical training and combined his new mindset with improved skills, he is now enjoying his game and his handicap has improved immensly, actually there is a down side, he has now got so good that his colleagues never invite him golfing any more!



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