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“Feedback or sensory awareness is inaccessible when one is overwhelmed by anxiety and fear”



NEIL DREW Case study #6: Team work

Unlocking The True Talent Within



The client: This client wishes to remain anonymous due to their success.


The issues were: an entire team who were all playing as individuals being led by a very competent coach, but he just couldn’t get the team to gel and play as a single unit. The team was full of talented players who were all strong personalities. The training that they were carrying out was focussed on skill and strength, they didn’t work at all on instinctive play and the use of a single goal, they all had their own ideas on where the team would finish the season, they all knew this but weren’t sure how to achieve a common consensus.

The process: My first task was to identify each individuals thinking patterns, motivations and ways of communicating with each other; basically it reveals how any individual is wired. When this is understood and taught to a team then they are able to communicate and understand each other effectively, they then have the ability to achieve motivation.

Secondly I educated them on the way that champions think and what they needed to do differently in order create their own success.
Next were the technical mind techniques to enhance their performance.
Then we worked on setting some targets.

The outcome: The following is an excerpt of a letter I received from the manager which says it all- “I can’t believe the difference, when I go into the dressing room pre-match you can feel the energy and enthusiasm, it’s totally tangible, and as soon as they step out onto the pitch you can see that they mean business. When they play its like they’ve been playing together since they were kids it just flows, it’s elegant.
We have now won the three games since you came and worked with us, it isn’t like we just scraped by either, we actually won with clear margins.”








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