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Accelerated learning
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Rediscovering form
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Overcoming nerves and anxiety
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Breaking down barriers
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A unified team
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The diet mistake
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“Go out into the future, and Imagine yourself retired and sitting in the garden thinking about your younger days when you used to compete, did you achieve everything you wanted, or do you think you could have done better?”


NEIL DREW Case Studies -

Please note that the specific identities of the individuals discussed in these case studies are being protected for obvious reasons.

Unlocking The True Talent Within


What clients report-

Reading through these client success stories will help you to better understand how I work with clients, what their issues were, and the results they’ve achieved through our work together. You may recognise some of your own challenges or issues in one or more of these case studies.

The following case studies are only a selection of the many and will give you a very good idea of what you can achieve, I have encorporated them into some of the sports that I have worked in during the 2007 season.


Case study #1: Motocross

I was called in by one of this guys sponsors because this competitor was so bogged down with his difficulties that they were actually then having further impacts on his career and results. I have also added a couple of others in as examples of different individuals within this particular sport.

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Case study #2: Speedway

A Grand Prix Speedway and Elite League rider who needed to find that bit extra in himself to reach his goals.
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Case study #3: Single Seater Race Cars

This Gentleman competes in a highly prestigious series that takes in nearly all of the Grand Prix venues in Europe, this is a highly competitive sport with a large field of competitors.
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Case study #4: Enduro

Although this is quit an old case study in terms of the others in this section, it is a wonderful study of what amazing things we can all achieve if we are determined, conscientious and open to new learning's.

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Case study #5: Various other case studies

A 43 year old Marathon Runner. A Quad racer, A Show Jumper, A Golfer

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Case study #6: A unified team creating success

This Rugby team had many players who were playing as individuals, this team learnt how a simple way of communicating solved almost all their problems, once this was in place they developed new strategies that then saw them in one season get the league championship.
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Case study #7: The diet mistake

Nearly all competitors have one diet or another; either created by them or given to them by some nutritionist, the fact is that there are a number of common misconceptions and fundamentals that are overlooked. Having a competition diet that enables high metabolic function and maintains stamina and energy levels without compromising weight and performance and enables you to get the maximum out of training and competition is one of the many keys that are missed.
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