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"I searched far and wide for the coaching that would be personal to me and give me the answers that I was looking for, I was looking for something that went deeper than just your technical skill training or the school room and conference on mind coaching. I was looking for someone who would take me as an individual and work with me on a one to one basis to ensure that I got answers and solutions to my most pressing needs and gain the most out of every competitive performance, one that would push me and would help me gain the results that I had always dreamt of. I found that with Neil and Competition Mind"

- P. H.



“Champions aren’t just born, or freaks of nature, they are only different because they learnt how to be. It can be trained. ”

NEIL DREW Frequently asked questions

Unlocking The True Talent Within



“Is it all weird stuff and hypnosis?”

No it isn’t, the best way to describe what it's like is to use the words of any client, typically they will say "do you know, I really didn't know what to expect, but it was just like sitting and chatting to a friend who seems to have a way of explaining things that is so enlightening, I feel like I know my self now, and exactly what to do, it's so much more simple than I ever thought, everyone should come and see you never mind the racing side of it" and really when you have experienced it only then can you truly understand, it’s actually very difficult to explain in only a paragraph or 2. The easiest way is to say that it’s like when you might have had someone explaining something new to you and you haven’t quite understood, then they say one sentence and the light goes on and you go “Ah ha!”, every 5 or so minutes that a client is with me they experience that same “Ah ha!” moment, but in a way that makes the most profound difference to what they do when they leave my consulting room.


“I see that you are qualified also in hypnosis, is that part of what you do?”

Again the answer is no, I do use it, but only when a client specifically requests it or I think that the client will benefit from it's very powerful effects, however that is only when a client is happy to, which generally they are if it is ever used, and in any event it is all very professional. Most competitors are open to it's positive benefits, and generally they do tend to take some of my CD's for specific things that they want to improve on, always with positive benefits, and they usually more after that. Basically it is never forced or secretly done, that would be a sure way to never see them again!


“Will I be aware of what’s going on?”

Yes, you are fully awake and aware at all times; it’s just like having a chat with a friend who sometimes gets out a computer laptop to explain things or goes to a drawing board and draws lots of things as he explains them.


“Is it an ongoing thing, I mean will I have to keep coming back?”

It really depends on what you want from my coaching, if its to solve a specific problem then only the one visit is necessary, depending on what you need help with determines how long things take, usually most things can be dealt with between 1 and 6 hours.
Some clients when they have experienced all the amazing changes, want to learn all that I have to offer and make regular visits, once a month for a few hours over the coarse of a year and they will have everything they need in order to reach the top or reach their personal best.


“Does it ware off after a short time?”

Whenever I work with anyone I make sure that when they leave my consulting room they know how to keep the benefits of the work that we have done together so that they can practice the techniques and remember what they have learnt, so if anything they usually report that the opposite happens, it gets better and better.


“Are there any side effects?”

Yes, you get a result, that is provided you practice what you learn, as to side effects outside of what you came for, yes; you will be able to use some of what you learn to great effect in your personal life. In short there isn’t anything at all that’s negative about our work, there have been a couple of times when teenagers have been to see me and they were only competing to have an easy life outside of competition, dad ploughing money in for the youngster to sit at home all the time and do the odd bit of training, then the youngster getting on the track at the weekend and producing a poor result, the young one comes to me hoping that I will wave a magic wand and a spell on them and they will then do great and keep this wonderful lifestyle. Well it doesn't work like that, they were competing for the wrong reasons, their time with me will uncover that. It doesn't happen very often, but it has a couple of times.


“Will our work have any negative effects on the areas where I am already good?”

No, again what you learn actually has a positive impact in the areas where you are already good, irrespective of the reason that you come to see me.


“Do I have to possess any special abilities to benefit from your coaching?”

No, you don’t, however the more technical knowledge of technique in your sport you have then the better the results, however my own technical knowledge is vast and when I am teaching my clients how the use of their mind fits in to their sport I will also fill the missing bits in, also I know a great deal of top professional sports people in a vast number of sports and if after our work you felt that a little bit of extra technical tuition will benefit then I pass on the information about the relevant coach to help you, one that has experienced working with me so that they can help you maximise the benefits as they will know how it all links in.
That said, in all honesty, there are a great number of competitors that I have worked with that have achieved fantastic results without any extra tuition on the technical aspect. It really depends on how far you wanted to go, generally the big picture is that you will be surprised how much better your results will naturally be without the extra tuition.


“Can anyone work with you on the coaching you do?”

Virtually, yes, the principals of what I teach are really cross contextual; competition is a state of mind combined with the right equipment and a basic knowledge of the technical aspect of your sport and fitness. Age doesn’t come into either, doesn’t matter if your 8 or 80, the benefits are always amazing and measurable.


“If you know all this stuff then how comes you aren’t a champion?”

That’s a simple one to answer, it’s a bit like having an itch, it’s never the same if you scratch it yourself. A lot of what I teach I have been able to use myself with positive outcomes, but the bits that really make a major difference need someone else to guide you through them, if they know what they are doing, they will be able to calibrate and adjust certain aspects to ensure that the maximum gains are achieved. Also time and money, I see clients a lot at weekends because of their commitments, plus all the evening work on the phone made it very difficult to fit in the time to train. In any event I did easily beat my own personal bests.

In the process of finding ways to improve myself without the help of a third party I did come up with some very unique techniques that I now teach to others, they did help me but again without the major parts being in place there effects were minimal. In any event now that I am full time doing what I do and having to be available for my clients I don’t get the time to race so although I achieved a lot I don’t have the time to capitalise, also one of the other main reasons for racing in the first place was to experiment with what I teach so that I actually know what works, how it works and why, I even sacrificed results in the pursuit of answers and understanding of what would happen if I did x, y or z. So my intention wasn’t to be champion, just to be the best at what I do.


“Will I make a champion for definite, I mean is it guaranteed if I use your coaching?"

Everyone has inside them an ability to be better, my work is about helping every client to find their personal best's, it is about you discovering what you have inside of you, and, I can tell you from much experience that even the best in the world have more to offer, and so do you. It might be that you can, or it might be that you can reach the top of your centre championships in your class, it might be that you could go on to compete for your country. It is an absolute fact that on average any human being only ever at one time uses about 5% of their brains ability, it is my job to help you and guide you to new levels, whatever yours are they can be discovered.

These are only a few of the more common questions that people ask me, if you had your own then please just give me a call, I will be very pleased to answer them.


Commitment to your success

It is my joy to engage clients in learning skills, rediscovering purpose, and guide them beyond their present constraints. As a mind coach I will challenge your limiting ideas, beliefs, assumptions and interpretations, whilst showing you the way to achieve personal bests, greatness and open the door to unrealised potential.


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