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All these years I thought that my son was motivated in the same way that I am, actually I hadn’t really understood how I worked, until now! Absolutely amazing, in just one day I learnt so much about how different my son is to me, and how to actually understand my son and any other person! I use my new skills with my son and my work colleagues with incredible results. I can now understand what people and my son are saying behind the words they use, and use this information to get the actions required.




" We are all unique, we all operate to our own beliefs and values, when we understand these we can unlock doors that were once hidden.”

NEIL DREW For the parents,

Education for results

Every parent or team manager wants the best for their competitor, most focus on ensuring the competitor gets the best equipment or clothing, they concentrate on pushing hard with the training and practice, but very rarely ever understand how to get the best from the competitor or motivate them effectively, this takes understanding of how the mind works and specific motivational knowledge, and is easily learnt.

We are all individuals, even being close to someone doesn’t mean we really know them.

Do you face any of these challenges?

You know there is more success in your competitor, but try as you might you seem to unable to get it out of them.


You are having difficulty in motivating; you are maybe at the next level of competition and a new way of motivating is required and you feel as though you might be out of your depth, or even wondering if your way of doing things works or not.


You get frustrated and angry; sometimes when you get a bad result or things seem to turn out different to the plan you give the competitor a hard time which leads to further frustration and affects future results.


You find that as the competitor grows they change; the old ways of communication have changed as your competitor matures and you have difficulty in finding the right things to say.


You and your competitor don’t get on any more; human personalities are so different and you feel that you maybe have difficulties in understand your competitor any more.


Outside distractions are affecting performance and you struggle to keep things on track .


You keep saying the wrong things and causing conflict; what gets you going doesn’t necessarily work for others, even our own children, we all respond differently and it can be impossible to always say the right things or act the right way, even when we think we know each other.


You can’t help but be fearful and negative and you know it shows and has a negative effect on the competitor; progress seems to go backwards and your fear and protection rubs off in a negative way.


You want to help more but are unsure of how to; you know that you could go better, but you aren’t entirely sure how to communicate or understand the competitor fully.


There really are too many to list as every person’s mind, perceptions and experiences are unique to them, however I have listed some of the more common ones. You may have your own, and I’ll be surprised if you come up with something that I haven’t already heard or dealt with before.


I can help you make all the difference

The clients that come to me want to do their best as part of their team; they are committed to doing what it takes to have an advantage and to have a happy positive environment and atmosphere that creates confidence and gets results.

Is this you? -


  • You are committed to solutions and results.
  • You are focused on being the best that you can be for competitor.
  • You aren’t beyond taking advice for the benefit of your competitor.
  • You aren’t afraid to ask for support, and communicate in an open, candid manner.
  • You know there is more to being able to get the best out of your competitor.
  • You put the collective needs of you and the competitor before your own pride.
  • You would like to fully understand how the competitors mind works rather than assume.

Competition Mind offers a solution

For the parent and or team owner/manager we provide a training that will have you understanding exactly what motivates your competitor, exactly what to say that will have him or her doing their best, how to communicate in such a way that everyone understands what they are doing and giving to each other. You will be able to give and receive respect and eliminate and manage conflict with ease. You can gain an in depth understanding of exactly how your competitor thinks that will enable fast and effective communication that will help on and off the competition scene.


If you want to find out more on this service simply go to the contact link bellow or give me a call for completely confidential advice or to make an appointment.


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