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orange arrowSeminars, tutorials and speaking engagements.

Due to requests that have made to me over the years I have finally agreed to make myself available to clubs, organisations, teams and the like to either speak about or give forms of tutorials and share some of my vast knowledge and experience.

orange arrowSeminars - I will only be doing a limited number, and each will be restricted numbers of attendees.

Group Tutorials - These I will only do a couple of per year and mainly to clubs or teams, they will be for the purposes helping each member understand how and what happens within team dynamics and of how to achieve synergy within a team and also as a motivational exercise to give the team a boost.

Speaking engagements - on a couple of occasions I have been asked to guest speak at one venue or another, something that I have resisted because of wanting to keep a low profile, the reasons for this, if they weren't obvious already is simply because of the people that I work with, normally I am the best kept secret. But, because it is now becoming more widely accepted that the mind does actually play a huge role in success more and more competitors are using me and others like me. Some competitors in fact will now say that they don't mind me mentioning them at all.

If you have a request regarding the above and would like to talk to me to discus your specific requirements then please feel free to either email me via the contact page, or simply pick up the phone and call one of the numbers below.