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"For several years I struggled with middle of the road and erratic performances, I spent thousands on training and seminars without being able to get with the fast boys. I couldn’t believe it when I spent literally a few hours with Neil and everything began to feel right, I understood what it was that I was thinking and doing that was counter productive, he explained a few simple things and gave me some great techniques which helped tremendously. I am now passing the people that I used to look up to and my dreams are now becoming a reality."

-Simon K. Motor sport.

"Fear used to dominate my competition, whenever I rode my hoarse would dictate to me what fences we jumped or didn't. Spending a day with Neil answered all of my questions, it's like a light bulb was switched on. I have to say that what I learnt from him isnt just about competition, I have applied it to everything that I do in life, the results there as just as amazing, I wish I had have worked with him years ago!"

-A. ***** 3 Day Eventer



“When you change the way you look at things,

the things you look at change.”

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You’ve probably had some sort of technical training, you may even have had some mind coaching, and you got excited and were full of enthusiasm for your next competition or race – only to find, like many of my clients, that the benefits and improvements have been there but only minimal. It isn’t that they don’t work; it’s simply that any of these programs can only do so much, and the depth of the training doesn’t employ your mind in the ways that get the best from you and the techniques  and skills that you know, incorporating your own personality or your own personal beliefs and values etc.

My work is different. Whether it’s improving performance in one particular area, overall performance gains, overcoming a particular problem or hurdle, or maintaining consistent results, or working to improve the efficiency of a team and their performance, every service I deliver is highly customized to meet the specific needs of the individual client.

You can go beyond the limitations of any other physical or mind coaching that’s available; my coaching is dynamic, powerful, uniquely personalised and includes areas that aren’t covered by anyone else in combination. Also you will benefit from the techniques that I have developed that have proved themselves time and time again which are totally unique.

As a professionally trained, qualified and very experienced competition mind coach, I offer an unrivalled service that facilitates client benefits beyond what you expect, you get what you want, and nothing is ever forced. 


An overview of my services-

The services detailed here are only a small selection, the type of work that is detailed encorperats modern Psychology (in many different forms), Neuro Linguistic Programming and on occasion Hypnotherapy. Most importantly experience and personal insight.

Individual performance development. Do your results match your expectations?, are you stuck in a rut, have to move up a class or want to reach the top of the class you are in, or you’re at the top and are being challenged by some strong competition, or you may want to start enjoying your sport again, it may be that you know you can improve but can’t find that ingredient that makes it all come together, if any of the above sounds like you then one of the many services offered will be of benefit to you, some of which are detailed below.-


Individual competitive breakthrough. Sometimes clients come to me with real background issues of fear because of some historic event that happened to them, sometimes they are over cautious and know their caution will prevent them from progressing, this ultimately could result in them having a setback, sometimes the pressures of their teams, parents, other competitors or even self imposed pressures are what’s holding them back from moving forward, often preventing enjoyment or creation of their own success. Some have come to me frustrated and on the verge of giving up altogether, but they have invested so much into their sport that they keep hanging on hoping that one day it will all come together. I have helped many sportspeople with these and many other kinds of problems, quickly assisting them to make sense of it all and then empowering them to compete with the enthusiasm, freedom and the commitment that they have been searching for. Does any of the above sounds like you, you may even have your own barrier to break through.


Team / group coaching and development. Have you ever watched teams like the Ferrari F1 team and noticed how efficiently and harmoniously they work, what about the 2005 England world championship winning rugby team or even some of the top Premiership football teams who play appearing to be at one? They generally employ someone with the same qualifications and experience as me to teach them how to have every member understanding and communicating with each other in ways that they hadn’t previously thought possible, sometimes they employ a hypnotherapist experienced in sport to help create the synergy, basically the intentions are that they all operate having exactly the same goals and respect for each other that promotes unity, cohesion and results. Ours is probably one of the most comprehensive and experienced services available in this arena.


Pre season preparation. The start of any season or campaign is crucial, the feelings and thoughts that are present at this time are what will set the tone for the first part of the season, this first part of the season will then have an influence on the next part of the season and so on. I encourage everyone, whether or not they choose to use a coach like me to help them with their career to at the very least set their goals and have this pre season "pep talk" and set up, the advantages can be enormous, just by starting out in the right frame of mind will have a major positive impact.


Retained coaching work. This is where I am employed by a competitor or team to work with them throughout a 1 year period, during this period of being retained by that client I will restrict my services to only working with them in that particular sport, they will benefit from having event attendances and passing on as much of my experience and knowledge, again tailored to the specific requirements of every individual involved.


Single session fixes. This is where a client has a particular trouble spot in their competition, everything else is fine, they just have one particular difficulty that has a detrimental effect on their overall results.


Specialized Sports Hypnotherapy sessions. You will be surprised how much this extremely powerful technique gets used by many of the worlds best, this is just one of the many areas where my training spans several years, that's right, several years, a lot of hypnotherapists that just use hypnotherapy alone have had very minimal training, some only weekend courses, believe me that's absolutely true. Some competitors have unwarranted fears of it, but once they have experienced it and the amazing and lasting effects that it can have they simply can't get enough of it, and you will be surprised at the household names that come through my door just for this process alone. (Their identity stays with me)! I also do support CD's.


Competition diet. What goes into the mind effects the body, and what goes into the body effects the mind. Getting the balance right between all the demands on today’s sportspeople with training, pre competition, during competition and post competition is a science in itself that to a certain degree has been made too complicated. Add this into the coaching equation and my own experience and you have some very useful information that will help you maintain with ease your training fitness, stamina and recovery. This cuts through all the nonsense and covers the key that is mainly overlooked by all other systems, maintaining metabolic function.


Make time for a conversation

If you are interested in taking advantage of this increasingly popular approach to getting answers and achieving your goals, please know that you can phone me direct without any obligation to discuss your requirements and what may currently be a problem or be limiting your success, the purpose is for you to get a better feel for my approach, I have and will in certain circumstances help solve some of the simpler issues over the phone. Then we can decide together if you should consider moving forward with your performance development and making the best investment you ever could by working with your mind.