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Are you are looking to sponsor a competitor and one who will deliver the goods and exposure that will make your investment worth while, then Competition Mind can give you the contacts that you require, ones who by virtue of the fact that they are seeking to be the best they can and seeking the kind of help that I offer, will in most cases be the ones that you want to back.

Every sponsor that invests money is looking to back a competitor who is going to get them the maximum exposure, Every sponsors dream is to be associated with a winner, someone who is popular and in demand, someone who gets recognised and in turn helps to promote your company or service.

At Competition Mind I get to work with individuals and teams from virtually every sport.

You can have a totally honest and unique opinion of what competitor or team is going to best serve you and pass on your contact information for you between you to do the rest. This is something that I have done before where I have been approached by a fairly large company that wanted to invest a large sum of money in an international sport, also with a company just breaking onto the off road scene but was only looking to start becoming known and to support their advertising campaign.


In both of these cases the companies opted to run with the competitors that were suggested and I am pleased to say that the competitors delivered the goods.

My own personal involvement in this is only as a point of contact to help both the competitor and the company.

Please go to the contact me page to either send an e-mail or to find the telephone contact information. I will be pleased to help out.